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Our Services

There's usually much more to buying a sign than just the sign itself and at Baillie Signs we provide the full service encompassing survey, design, manufacture and installation, whether it's for a small plaque that requires special attention to its finish or an enormous sign for an industrial estate that needs concreting into the ground with additional wind-resistant supports.


During the survey we can discuss your requirements on site and talk through any possible problems in advance, proposing solutions or alternatives. We've installed thousands of signs in thousands of locations so you can rely on our experience to guide you into choosing the best combination of sign and location.


You may have little more than the text you want on the sign and maybe a logo or other image. We can advise you about the different products available, the kind of sign most appropriate for your application, colour schemes, fonts and everything else that needs to be taken into consideration.


The vast majority of our signs are manufactured at our facility in Edinburgh. Our team has many years' experience in producing well-made signs and it's frequently the case that the same person who makes the sign installs it as well, thus ensuring that the requisite care and attention is taken and allowing us to take pride in a job well done.


We install the vast majority of our signs as part of our standard terms of supply. We use our own experienced in-house fitters who can tackle just about any installation job whether it's for mounting a brass plate outside a solicitor's or installing neon-lit lettering high up on a shop front.